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Bitcoin Billionaire Review, Pros And Cons, Tips On Auto Trading

What’s Bitcoin Billionaire?

It’s a trading app which works automatically and makes money for people. They only need to give the Bitcoin Billionaire software some money and launch it. Another great thing would be to set some useful settings to it as well.

However, the system still makes mistakes. Keep in mind that you can still lose money with it. Nevertheless, there are certain functions which you can set to lower those risks. Stick with the review for the main hits and misses of the website.

Pros and cons


  1. Deposit minimum is only $250, so most people can afford to work on the app.
  2. Support works 24/7 and gives users only high-quality answers.
  3. A variety of banking options makes them suit almost every user.
  4. The site is secured by a verification system and the SSL socket layer.
  5. A new account can be made quickly, just within a few minutes.


  1. The bot might make mistakes, so the loss of funds is more than possible.
  2. The amount of indicators on graphs is pretty small compared to the standards.

Bitcoin Billionaire software, how does it work?

The software of the site works on algorithms which were developed by a team of programmers. They’re almost impossible to crack and perform well on the markets. This can be seen by the big average trade success rate of about 97%.

The mechanism can sometimes go and speculate, but it doesn’t make the same mistakes again. That’s because it has a self-learning algorithm implemented into it too.

First steps, or how to join Bitcoin Billionaire

To begin working with the platform, you need to pass the Bitcoin Billionaire registration. It’s fairly easy, but some parts are important not to mess up on, so this section is devoted to the sign-up procedure of the app.

The form with information

The first thing you should do is complete the form. You can start from the main page of the website. You have to enter your full name, phone number, email, password and country of residence.

Enter only your real data, or a protection mechanism of the site might take you as a robot. Also, you have to provide the site with one of your official documents for identity approval. It can be your passport, ID card or a driver’s license.

The deposit, how much and how you can make it

Now, you have to make a deposit for account activation. The minimum amount is only $250, so you’re likely to be able to afford it. All of the transactions are under protection, so don’t worry about your financial data safety while depositing.

You can use MasterCard, Visa, Skrill or Trustly for deposit purposes. Decide on the method by determining which one has the smallest fees and waiting time. After your payment goes through, you can log in to Bitcoin Billionaire.

Trading at Bitcoin Billionaire, small tips

Once you’re able to freely log in and log off from your profile, take a look around. Examine the various functions, menus and options. Then, you can get down to the trading part. These are some of the most valuable tricks to trading on the Bitcoin Billionaire website.

Firstly, make sure you don’t risk everything in one trading session. Also, never use leverage if you aren’t confident enough in the possible profits. Furthermore, set stop-losses and stop-limits to take the best profits and little losses.

Security on the Bitcoin Billionaire trading platform

Bitcoin Billionaire isn’t a scam and this section here is to prove it to you. To use a platform, you need to believe in it and here’s why you should trust in the app immediately.

Verification system

The very first technology of the verification system. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t lie and enter your real data. This algorithm looks through the data of a new user and decides if it’s a bot or a real human.

If you enter false data, you can be easily taken as a robot and your account gets suspended. The mechanism makes Bitcoin Billionaire reputable since it makes sure no fake accounts get created. Such procedures are rarely seen even on famous web resources.

SSL encryption socket layer

The second most vital mechanism is the SSL socket layer. It encrypts your data and sends it to a server which is under protection by a firewall. There, no scammer can ever get even close to your information.

The SSL mechanism is officially approved and is presently obliged to be used on every online resource. That’s why Bitcoin Billionaire is also legitimate and can be trusted.

Payout machine

Finally, the payout machine makes sure you receive every earned dollar from your trading session. However, if you took losses, this algorithm takes that lost amount away from your balance. This proves Bitcoin Billionaire not to be fake, since it responsibly pays everything out.

Negative Balance Security

If you accidentally do stray from the advice and take leverage, and lose money from it, Bitcoin Billionaire has a solution for you. The Negative Balance Security additionally assists users with taken leverage and lowers their risks. Isn’t that cool and caring from the app?

Deposit and withdrawal on the Bitcoin Billionaire app

A meaningful thing to research is the banking of a site. Not to make you do everything by yourself, here’s a proper explanation on the payment system of the platform.

Banking methods

To deposit, you can use MasterCard, Visa, Skrill or Trustly. Any of the options works, but choose according to the fee amount and waiting times. The minimum deposit on the Bitcoin Billionaire website is only $250.

Cash transaction security

To cash out, you can try out MasterCard, Visa or Bitcoin. Debit cards take a bit longer time to process payments and take bigger fees. However, money on them is quickly accessible in case it’s needed.

Bitcoin can’t give you such an opportunity. If you withdraw with Bitcoin, you have less fees and faster transactions. Nevertheless, money is stored far away and if you, for example, want to pay for products in a shop, Bitcoin usually won’t do the job.

Payout speed

Bitcoin Billionaire payout speed is unbelievably fast. All transactions get approved within the very first 24 hours starting from the time you’ve requested a payout.

Customer support on the Bitcoin Billionaire website

The last important thing to discuss is the support. That’s because if you get in trouble on the website or have some issues, the support team is your only saviour. Here’s the main points regarding the support on the Bitcoin Billionaire app.

Quality of the support team

When you do get an answer, you’re going to be delighted by what you see. The responses of the help team are thorough, full of helpful info and usually make people solve their problems on their first try.

Work time and responsiveness of support

The support on the Bitcoin Billionaire website works 24/7 to help out every single person around the globe. According to experience, average response time is from 30 minutes to an hour. To get in touch with support, you can use live chat, or an email address.

These days, cryptocurrency is a huge trend and lots of people are making money on it. Ever thought how it is possible? New apps get developed every day and now you can even make passive income with them. Hang onto this massive trend and make money today with the Bitcoin Billionaire app.