Bitcoin Era

Innovative And Profitable Bitcoin Era Software Aimed At Success

Cryptocurrency trading isn’t a recent invention. People have been involved with the trade for almost a decade now. However, if not so long ago, only experienced investors could handle the ever-changing industry, these days, the opportunity is within reach of every person.

Cryptocurrency platforms similar to the Bitcoin Era trading system usually feature an automated approach that enables the least experienced users to make profits from countless crypto trades. Sounds interesting? Well, don’t get overly excited since not all the services are to be relied on. There are many scams on the market too. All that brings in the need to evaluate in detail what Bitcoin Era has to offer!

Pros and cons of the Bitcoin Era trading system


  • Few-step effortless account registration
  • Highly customizable trades
  • Clearly stated fees and additional costs
  • Straightforward no-fee withdrawal


  • Few trading currencies
  • Unavailable mobile app

General information about Bitcoin Era software

You may have already guessed that Bitcoin Era is an automated trading system dealing with such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and other less demanded coins. However, what differs the platform from the existing software is the trading algorithm applied to the process. While most algorithms are designed to monitor the market shifts and make suitable trades at a peculiar time, there’s more to the Bitcoin Era.

The software developers built the program so that it compares historical data to the existing trends. Such an approach enables the system to predict the best possible outcome from any trade. When the system spots a profitable pattern or shift, it uses the chance a lot faster than the competitors, let alone human traders.

Another peculiar feature that makes Bitcoin Era more than reputable is its availability for all types of investors. While beginners can solely rely on the software algorithm, more seasoned players can personally take part in the trade by setting particular trade parameters. The service allows it to pick such settings as:

  • Type of currency
  • Currency pairs
  • Investment limit
  • Stop-loss limit
  • Trading strategy

After the parameters are set, the system monitors the market, and once the set patterns are spotted, the trades are issued.

Does the Bitcoin Era ensure a positive experience?

Countless sources and user feedback claim Bitcoin Era to be a legitimate and trustworthy service. Besides, the website itself states that the US Trade Association has approved the platform. However, a fair share of rumors about the Bitcoin Era being a fake circulates the web too. In this case, it’s advised to rely upon your intuition and watch the trades closely, at least at the beginning.

On the official Bitcoin Era website, it’s stated that not all the trades result in immense profits, and more often than not, the investors lose the trade. Such a transparent claim speaks well about the service. The platform is licensed and certified, which rules out the possibility of Bitcoin Era scam activity.

Distinctive features of Bitcoin Era trading platform

Most trading services come with a set of benefits used to outshine the competitors, and the Bitcoin Era isn’t an exception.

Trade success rate

None of the existing trading platforms feature a 100% success rate, but Bitcoin Era promises up to 94%, ensured by a peculiar algorithm. Bitcoin Era investors are initially entitled to better profits when compared to other related services.

Straightforward and intuitive interface

Bitcoin Era software developers knew that not all the users to trade with the platform would be equally experienced with the process. Thus, the website is simple and user-oriented. The navigation is effortless. Besides, the interface can be switched to a great variety of languages for enhanced user experience. Whether it’s Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, English, or a great variety of other languages, you can have all the operations explained in it in a matter of a single click.

Simplified verification

Some trading vendors feature a time-consuming and tiresome verification. Bitcoin Era registration and verification process will take you half an hour, at the most. Besides, the service doesn’t require any personal information rather than basic data to confirm your identity and secure your account.

Effortless fund withdrawal

After the trading profit reaches the point you’d like to cash it out, Bitcoin Era suggests a seamless withdrawal operation. Once all the identity-confirming information is provided, your withdrawal request will be issued and transferred to your bank account within 24 hours. Just so you know, for some vendors, the process may take a few days or a full week to accept and satisfy the request.

Enhanced account security

Since the Bitcoin Era belongs to online platforms that gather personal data, it’s vital to be aware of how that confidential information of yours is to be used. That’s why the vendor features security-ensuring SSL encryption. Such an approach makes sure that even if any data is leaked, no hacker will be able to decode and use it for any fraudulent actions.

Customer support

It’s true that the Bitcoin Era is an intuitive and informative vendor, but should any questions arise in the process, their customer support is available 24/7. So, you can solve any issue in a matter of minutes.

No hidden charges

Some free platforms turn out to be not so free when it comes to your profit. Bitcoin Era has no hidden fees or charges to be aware of.

Anyone can join the Bitcoin Era in a few simple steps

Before your primary Bitcoin Era login and the first trade, it’s mandatory to create a secure account with the platform.

Registration process

When you land on the homepage of Bitcoin Era, you’ll see a registration form on the right side of the screen. The format is basic but necessary. The vendor asks a potential investor to provide name, last name, email address, and phone number to start with. After that, a confirmation is sent to the provided email, and you can proceed with securing your account by coming up with a strong password that only you have access to.

Demo test

Once you log into your account, you can choose from the demo and live trading modes. If it’s your primary trading experience, it’s best to give the Bitcoin Era a test. Every user can trade for free while in demo mode.

Fund depositing

If you’re satisfied with what you’ve learned about the service and its trading process, you should make a primary deposit. Bitcoin Era features a minimum deposit of $250, which is applied to all users. Seasoned traders can go straight for more considerable sums, but it’s always advised to stick to the basics. The vendor allows it to use any depositing option that a user sees fit. Be it a MasterCard, Web Money, PayPal, or Neteller — all methods are accepted and processed in a matter of minutes.

Live trade

After the funds have been deposited into your account, you can carry on with the live trade. Since the platform is presented as an automated vendor, there’s a “start Auto Trade” button to press to start the process. When you opt for the automatic operation, you shouldn’t skip the setting step. It’s suggested that you enter the trade limits, currencies to trade in, and the stop limit. However, the Bitcoin Era isn’t limited to automated trading solely. Professional traders can use the manual mode to apply their strategies to the process and generate profit without machine interference.

Can you use a Bitcoin Era app?

The fact that the modern generation is used to their devices affects trading vendors as well. Bitcoin Era features a personalized mobile application to be downloaded only on Android. Nonetheless, anyone can access the software with any smart device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) from the browser. However, a stable and strong Internet connection is required for all the operations to be carried out precisely and without delay or interruption.


To sum up, the Bitcoin Era is an automated trading vendor specializing in multiple currencies. It’s simple in use and supported by an innovative and precise algorithm that generates profitable operations. Bitcoin Era payout is seamless and fast. The great variety of payment options and the absence of hidden fees add to its reputability and uncompromised safety. Those of you looking for a simple and trustworthy service to assist in crypto trading may find a reliable assistant in the Bitcoin Era form!