Bitcoin Revolution Trading System: Scam Or Legitimate?

It’s not rare to see news about Bitcoin and how it changes from time to time. Maybe, you may have spotted that in 2020, the Bitcoin surpassed $18K. Thus, it’s clear that coins are quite volatile means of trading and exchange. Why not benefit from that and start earning from dynamics of the market? So, the reputable Bitcoin Revolution can help with that, as it has one of the greatest auto trading software performing trading with ease and giving a chance for those starting trading from zero.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Revolution software

  • faster and more accurate operations
  • responsive customer support
  • no hidden or unclear fees
  • convenient cash outs and higher success rates
  • language choices


  • minimal deposit requirement


  • mobile version available only for Android phones
  • not supported in some countries
  • limited coins

How Bitcoin Revolution app functions?

Since 2015, this platform has attracted attention from traders all over the world. For now, the site claims to have about 100K traders. Since the Bitcoin Revolution login is quite straightforward, you may start trading hassle-free. Here you’ll discover one of the top software offering auto trading. With it, as the site claims, you may increase your profits up to 600%. What’s more, this platform is a great place for novice traders who have just started to learn the basics of crypto trading.

Auto trading experience on Bitcoin Revolution trading system

But why is auto trading so good to start from this site? Why not start this from other platforms? To understand why the Bitcoin Revolution isn’t a scam, it’s important to understand how an automated system works. It’s about activating trading robots that will assess and analyze the market trends and dynamics and recent changes in politics and the economy to come up with more optimal deals. These robots will find optimal coins for lower prices to sell them for higher price, so-called automated CFD trading online.

Bitcoin Revolution auto trading advantages

Thanks to complex algorithms backed up with AI, the Bitcoin Revolution software works with several trading strategies to eliminate possible risks and minimizes your interference. Simply put, you’ll get fast, convenient, and reliable automated trading. However, there’s more to have with this system.

  • your trading is performed without emotions: trading robots are great as they aren’t governed by their emotions, unlike humans. Thus, such emotions as fear, doubt, greed, etc., won’t be obstacles anymore, and it’ll be easier to maintain trading discipline.
  • your trading allows coins’ diversification: you don’t have to trade based on a single coin, as this may be a risky task. Thus, with this software, you can easily trade with different coins. This, in turn, will minimize the possible risks of losing assets.
  • your trading will save lots of time for you: since other trading platforms can be quite confusing and time-consuming, your trading can become a nightmare within one day when you’ll have to spend hours. Yet, with this software, you need to spend about 20 minutes a day.
  • your trading can be back-tested: with the Bitcoin Revolution website, you’ll have an option to look back at the previous trades to develop more efficient trading strategies. Through this backtesting feature, you can discover great trading rules.

Time to join Bitcoin Revolution

What the site is proud of might be their free software trading robots that are quite popular among other trading platforms. What’s more, you don’t need to pay to become a member on this site, as it’s a free app. Although the site doesn’t support all countries, you may be lucky to get signed up.

Bitcoin Revolution registration

Once you access the homepage, you’ll spot the registration box. Since the process is fast and easy, you won’t have difficulties figuring out how to proceed.

  • you’ll have to fill out the form with your name, email, and telephone number. To protect your data, the site employs RSA encryption.
  • you’ll move on with creating a reliable password, which is to be protected as well.
  • you’ll get the verification mail wihtin a short time, and once you click on it, your registration is complete.

Bitcoin Revolution deposit

Following the verification, you need to make your first deposit. The minimum requirement is $250, a rather affordable amount to start your trading. Moreover, you’ll find the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard (credit and debit)
  • Visa Card (credit and debit)
  • Neteller
  • Discover Network
  • American Express

Bitcoin Revolution trading

After you fund your account, you may start trading online. You may activate the trading robots by setting trading rules. Or, you may opt for trading manually, which is more appealing for professional traders. The site supports trading against crypto coins and fiat currencies. You may find the following cryptos:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Monero

All the best about Bitcoin Revolution

What makes the Bitcoin Revolution different from fake platforms is the quality and efficiency of its software. Besides, note that the site is quite informative in terms of trading with crypto and the site itself. You’ll find lots of interesting stuff on the homepage. Also, you may see the list of people with their earnings. There are even more reasons why you may want to stay on this site.

  • swift operations: since it’s an automated system, much is done with impressive speed. Moreover, Bitcoin Revolution payouts are fast as well. For example, to cash out your earnings, you don’t need to wait for more than 2 days, which is fast when compared to other auto trading platforms.
  • clarity in fees: you won’t have problems with various fees and try to understand each of them. It’s because there are no fees for the services. You only pay a small percentage of your profits. So, the rest of the service is free.
  • safety: the site uses SSL encryption to protect your data and financial information. The site uses different software tools like BitGo, McAfee, Norton, and Secure Trading, to monitor and guard the site against suspicious activities or cyber-attacks.
  • pinpoint accuracy: the site has one of the highest accuracies among other platforms, and thus success rates can soar up to more than 90%. Thus, even new traders can start earning from their first session online.
  • language options: although the site is straightforward, you may have difficulties navigating only in English. So, the site offers several languages. You may find more than 10 languages like Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.

Top 3 features of Bitcoin Revolution website

Bitcoin Revolution is a legitimate and reliable platform since trading on its platform is fast and easy. You don’t only have a chance to trade, but you may learn much from other traders as well. So, it’s a site of opportunities. Moreover, you should know about 3 practical features when using this website.

Demo account

Thanks to this feature, you can test Bitcoin Revolution for free. You’ll enjoy trading with virtual credits. All you gain and lose aren’t real, but you’ll see how auto trading robots work in reality. So, from this demo account, you may decide whether you want to continue with this site.

Customer service

Responsive customer service of this is great as it approaches every client smartly and politely. Moreover, the responses from this professional support team won’t make you wait long. To reach support service, you need to go to the help desk page to describe what sort of problem you have.


For now, the site offers its mobile apps for Android users only. However, you don’t need any kind of app as you may start trading on the go with any device, thanks to the site’s compatibility with well-known operating systems. All you need for that is just internet access.


So many people lose their money before they find their ideal platform for trading. But from now on, you won’t need to spend time and money searching for an ideal place, as the Bitcoin Revolution has everything you want from top platforms. All you need is a desire to start earning from crypto trading.