Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader Trading System: From Zero To Wealth

Bitcoin has changed the trading and investing concepts, and thus, it has opened new doors to trading with cryptos. What makes such trading unique is that no government or central back is in charge of these coins. So, given the crypto dynamics, everyone has a chance to buy and sell them. This is why auto trading platforms have facilitated the process of trading, like reputable Bitcoin Trader. Read on more to find out why this platform is worth your attention, time, and money.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Evolution software


  • easy and fast sign-up process
  • several payment methods
  • automated trading
  • user-friendly interface
  • real users’ testimonials


  • mobile version available only for Android phones
  • not supported in all countries
  • limited coins

How Bitcoin Trader app functions

Although trading with cryptos has become popular almost everywhere, it’s a risky and challenging task to complete. One of the main risks is to come across scam sites. Thus, the more carefully you pick your platform, the less risky your trading will become for you and your assets. Hence, it’s important to understand why Bitcoin Trader is different from those scam platforms.

This is a platform where you can earn up to 400% from the first trading session. But how is that possible? Thanks to great and advanced software, trading with an automated system makes trading easier and more understandable. Moreover, all you need is to activate trading bots with the prior setting of trading rules. So, you won’t have to spend hours sitting in front of computers in desperate attempts to grasp all that’s happening.

Auto trading experience on Bitcoin Trader trading system

The great quality and higher accuracy of the software make Bitcoin Trader a legitimate platform. It makes in-depth analysis and assessment of the market and its trends to make optimal deals for entries and exits of your coins, resulting in profitable CFD trading. Moreover, this system does its job much faster and makes forecasts that are harder for people and thus minimizes possible mistakes and flaws related to humans.

Bitcoin Trader auto trading advantages

From the first Bitcoin Trader login, you’ll feel how everything is easy with an automated system. But, it’s not only speed and accuracy that the site is proud of. There are some other great benefits making this software unique and outstanding.

  • maintaining trading discipline: what makes this auto trading app so different is the lack of human emotions. This is a machine performing everything with calmness and logic, without doubt, fear, greed, etc.
  • diversifying coins: keeping your assets in one coin may be risky, and once prices fall, you may lose much more than you can afford. Thereby, this software makes it possible to trade with different coins.
  • saving time for yourself: one of the best perks of this trading system is that you have more free time to do your own business. All you need is to set trading rules and check the process from time to time.
  • backtesting: looking back at previous trades will help you develop greater trading strategies. Moreover, you’ll have more insights into crypto trading as you’ll learn more from experts and this will help you set some great trading rules.

Time to join Bitcoin Trader

Once you start using Bitcoin Trader website, you’ll be required to verify your identity, according to KYC. Still, you won’t be bothered with providing lots of docs. To become a full member won’t take much time. Before you start your registration, you should spend some time browsing the site and reading lots of interesting things on the site. Don’t forget that this is a platform intended for the trading and educational purposes.

Bitcoin Trader registration

Why not gain $1000 daily? This is possible with this platform, and to become a trader here, you’ll have to pass through the following steps:

  • you need to provide your full name, email and phone number. The site will employ this data when activating two-factor verification.
  • you need to come up with a reliable password. It’ll be under protection of the site as well.
  • you need to check your email for a verification link. After you click on it, you become a registered member online. Local brokers will contact you to instruct for further actions.

Bitcoin Trader deposit

Once you get verified, it’s time to fund your account. The minimum requirement of the site is $250. The platform’s brokers will provide instructions on how you can fund your account. The following payment methods are accepted by the site:

  • Western Union
  • FasaPay
  • MasterCard (debit and credit)
  • Visa Card (debit and credit)
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill

Bitcoin Trader trading

After investing in your account, you may start trading. You may do that with an automated system without a need for your involvement. But if you’re professional and confident in trading, you may opt for trading manually. Here, you can trade against coins and fiat currencies. You may find the following coins on the site:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash

All the best about Bitcoin Trader

There are several reasons why Bitcoin Trader is different from fake sites and why it’s appealing to many traders worldwide.

  • impressive speed: the main contribution of the automated trading system is the speed of how operations are performed. Thus, Bitcoin Trader payout operations are completed within a short time. It’s great when you can withdraw your earnings only in one or two days.
  • clear fees: actually, the whole system is for free. You won’t be charged an unclear fee as everything is transparent on this system. You need to pay only a small percentage of your profits.
  • safety: the site employs SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information. You may notice software tools like BitGo, McAfee, Norton, and Secure Trading to monitor and protect the site from suspicious activities.
  • language options: the site is great when it comes to language options. Here you’ll find more than 10 language choices like Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • user-friendly interface: since everything is straightforward, you won’t have problems navigating. The site isn’t complicated in terms of using or trading, and everything is designed with greater simplicity.

Top 3 features of Bitcoin Trader website

Besides great services along with super operating software, there are 3 interesting features to keep in mind.

Demo account

This is a free trial feature allowing you to test Bitcoin Trader for free. Here, you’ll not only see how the auto trading system works, but you’ll have an opportunity to enhance your skills as a trader.

Customer service

If the problems arise, you can always go to the help desk page and fill out the form where you’ll describe your problem. The support team will contact you within a short time. What’s more, this team is available 24/7.


For now, the site offers mobile apps only for Android users. However, you’re not limited to how you want to trade. Since the site is compatible with well-known operating systems, you won’t have problems trading on the go.


Bitcoin Trader website is a platform where your expectations can be fulfilled to a maximum level. Thanks to its quality and top-notch trading system, you may start earning from the first day online.