News spy

News Spy Trading System: Start Trading Like An Ace Trader

Trading with crypto coins is risky but tempting, so to come up with a great platform offering the top-class software is what any trader needs nowadays. Thus, reputable News Spy is definitely something you might need if you’re ready to plunge into trading. It’s a great platform to multiply your assets with smaller investments. Thanks to the professional CFD brokers, you may opt for long and short positions, too. So, it’s more than a simple trading platform.

Pros & Cons of News Spy software


  • lag-free and fast registration
  • professional customer service
  • no hidden fees
  • payment methods
  • higher win rates and pinpoint accuracy
  • lower deposit requirement


  • no mobile app
  • not supported in some countries
  • limited coins

How News Spy app functions?

To understand why News Spy can’t be regarded as fake, you better have an understanding of how this software functions. Being an auto trading platform, this site offers trading robots that will work on your behalf. So, it doesn’t require you to spend hours sitting and monitoring the trading process. Thanks to complex algorithms along with AI, the software analyzes the market and its sentiments to come up with great and optimal offers for entries and exits of your coins.

Auto trading experience on News Spy trading system

Auto trading is an automated trading system allowing you to interfere less. Trading robots with pre-set trading rules will seek a chance to sell coins for higher prices and buy them for lower prices, CFD trading with bots. What makes this software efficient and fast is its algorithm-based work that analyzes the market trends, latest news, and other important factors that may affect the trading process. So, accuracy, quality, and speed become indispensable tools of trading robots.

News Spy auto trading advantages

The reason this site is great when it comes to auto trading isn’t only in the software’s quality. Moreover, there are some other great perks you should know.

  • performance without sentiments: with an advanced system and performance, your trading will be free of human emotions that will hinder the whole trading process. So, what you get is trading discipline without emotions like fear, doubt, or greed.
  • coin diversification: once you become involved in crypto trading, you’ll be warned that investing in one coin might entail risk. Thus, with this software, you may opt for trading with various coins at once, and thus, diversifying your assets.
  • minimal interference: the automated system is good, especially for those new to trading with cryptos. Still, the other great benefit is that you gain more free time to do your own stuff, as with automated system trading becomes less time-consuming. That’s why it’s good for those starting to trade.
  • backtesting option: with this feature, you may access the trading history and see how trades have been performed. Based on this information, you’ll have an idea about how to set trading rules and which strategies to employ.

Time to join News Spy

Although the site claims to have higher profits with their trading bots, it also warns you that crypto trading is always a risk. Thus, your discretion is a must. But if you’re sure to continue, you better spend some time looking through the site where you can find lots of information on Bitcoin, crypto trading, and the platform itself. Don’t miss a chance to visit the FAQ section, where you’ll find general information that you may wonder. Once you decide to move on, you’ll see a registration box.

News Spy registration

Thanks to the automated system online, signing up won’t take a lot of time. Don’t forget that the site doesn’t support all the counties. If you’re lucky with the country of residence, you’ll have to do the following:

  • you’ll have to fill out the registration form where you’ll provide information like your full name, email, and phone number.
  • you’ll move on to provide a password that should be reliable.
  • you’ll need to check your inbox for verification mail, and once you click on it, your registration can be considered complete.

News Spy deposit

After verification, you need to fund your account. The minimum deposit requirement is $250. The site has several payment methods, including debit and credit cards, along with bank transfers. Once your payment is approved, you’ll move to the trading dashboard.

News Spy trading

Time to start trading. Once you’re redirected to the trading dashboard, the rest is easy. You’ll need to activate your trading robots, and the process will start. Don’t forget you can trade against coins and fiat currencies. What’s more, if you want to trade on your own, there is an option for manual trading. The coins you may find on this site include the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Dash

All the best about News Spy

After your News Spy login, you’ll discover a great site with lots of useful information for your trading. So, when online, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • faster operations; owing to the impressive speed of 0.01 seconds for operations, you’ll get one of the fastest operating sites. Moreover, News Spy payout speed is also appealing for the traders online.
  • language options: unlike some trading platforms offering their services only in English, this site isn’t limited to only one language. Here you can opt for languages like German and French.
  • success rates: thanks to the software operating with the pinpoint accuracy of more than 90%, the site has higher success rates.
  • user-friendly interface: thanks to the site simplicity, you won’t get lost on this platform. The site is quite informative, but still, it’s not confusing by any means.
  • safety: what makes News Spy legitimate is the way it prioritizes the ultimate safety for their customers. It employs the latest technology against hackers and cyber-attacks.

Top 3 features of News Spy website

When online, you better keep in mind the great and useful features that will contribute to your trading experience. These features make News Spy different from other scam sites.

Demo Account

A free trial feature allows you to test News Spy without any risks. Owing to this feature, you may see how trading robots function in reality and learn a lot about trading online. Moreover, you’ll be given virtual credits to have trading online.

Customer service

In case you face some problems with trading or other related stuff, you better visit the help desk page. You’ll find a request form where you’ll have to provide your name and email. Then, you need to write about your reason for contacting the support team. Since this team works round the clock, your response won’t make you wait long.


Since the site doesn’t offer any mobile apps, it makes up for this lack in its compatibility. This feature makes it possible for you to trade on the go, provided you have internet access. News Spy is compatible with all well-known operating systems, including Android and iOS.


If you want to find the platform that will give you a chance to trade without prior experience, News Spy can be the best option. But it has more to offer in terms of its service, quality, safety, speed, and convenience. Don’t waste your time looking for a decent platform, as this one will definitely suit you.